Dammit, I change again
Wednesday, June 17 @ i lead mine, u lead yours. okays?

i don't find it a point for me to blog bout my life anymore. life isn't that exciting for me to tell the whole world. well in fact im ashamed to tell what my daily/weekly routine is like. life = work, late night. how boring is that. that is why i find it boring to blog. life has been great i must say. days are spent with family and friends. along the way i made alot of new friends. from dayana cousin's friends to cruise mates. and as days goes by, we get close. and the nights are mostly spent with them. :D and they remind me of the good old 2006 times. and mind u, my new friends are all guys. HAHAHHAHAHA.. i get along well with guys i guess. it's fun being around them. non stop laughter, do crazy stuff. ;P and they treat me like one of them, that's the best thing. just so u know, my night is spent drinking clubbing exploring lepaking, just for entertainment. :D


i know how to take care of myself, you don't have to worry bout me anymore. you got your life to lead and so do i. soo be good and take care aite.


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